Global market

Global market



AEROFUGIA is specialized in the R&D of high-tech products in new general aviation and UAV fields, and the provision of solutions

AEROFUGIA is headquartered in Chengdu and sets branches in Shanghai, Wuhan, Dubai, etc.


Chengdu · Shanghai · Wuhan · Dubai

AEROFUGIA is committed to promoting the development of the UAV industry

and the layout of new general aviation strategies all over the world, providing powerful technological and strategic support for the development of "air-ground integration" and social technological transformation.

  • 跨境服务

    Cross-border services

    AEROFUGIA, relying on its branches in various central regions around the world, can provide online and offline cross-border services for projects all over the world. Professional operating instruction and technical guidance make it easy for partners to master the products. Excellent after-sales services escort every partner.

  • 跨境交付

    Cross-border supply

    The professional, systematic and secure global supply solution of AEROFUGIA guarantees secure and quick cross-border product supply. The multimodal transport program guarantees the timeliness, security, accuracy and traceability of product distribution.

  • 跨境同研

    Cross-border cooperative research

    AEROFUGIA has always been in deep communication with excellent domestic and foreign R&D teams, material teams and business partners on products and business, which is not limited to product upgrading, energy upgrading and material upgrading and also involves global strategic development and business cooperation.