TERRAFUGIA TF-1 Receives the World's First FAA Special Airworthiness Certificate!

2021.12.14 Share


On January 15 (EDT), the Terrafugia Transition (TF-1), owned by AEROFUGIA received the Special Airworthiness Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), marking the FAA's first certificate to the Light-Sport Aircraft. It shows that the Transition (TF-1) features a reasonable design and liable safety performance.

Special Airworthiness Certificate issued by FAA to Terrafugia

The FAA special airworthiness certificate is one of the most hardest certificates to receive, with extremely demanding airworthiness requirements. According to Kevin Colburn, vice president of the Terrafugia, during the COVID-19 outbreak, the team overcame such challenges as the disruption of the supply chain and travel restrictions, completed 80-day flight tests, delivered 150 technical documents, passed FAA's strict review on the development process, design data, and test flight data, and finally received the special airworthiness certificate for the Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA).

Xu Zhihao, Director of Geely Holding and CEO of Geely Technology Group extended congratualtions on this and said, "Geely Technology Group has built the transition technology innovation system for the integration of the automobile industry and the aviation industry. The Terrafugia team received the FAA special airworthiness certificate in a short period, demonstrating its strength and the FAA's recognition of the product technology and quality reliability. The Transition (TF-1) has taken an important step in the commercialization process."

Check before Transition (TF-1) test

It's reported that in September 2020, AEROFUGIA launched the new General Aviation Strategy for the first time, which takes UAVs, Transition and other aviation products as carriers to provide clients with scenario-based overall solutions. With the brands of "AOSSCI" and "Terrafugia", AEROFUGIA is devoted to building a new smart aviation platform and a new business model of spatio-temporal data and logistics.

Transition (TF-1) makes a test flight over southwestern New Hampshire, the United States.

The certified Transition (TF-1) uses hybrid power technology and can carry two people. It is designed to have a maximum takeoff weight of about 850 kg, a cruising speed of 167 kilometers per hour, a cruising altitude of 3,000 meters, and a range of 670 kilometers. This certificate marks that the Transition (TF-1) has entered a new stage of development.

Transition (TF-1) makes a test flight over southwestern New Hampshire, the United States.