Geely Technology Group and Volocopter's Volo2X Debut Impress Auto Shanghai

2021.04.20 Share


Today, Volocopter, the leader of urban air mobility (UAM) sector, and Geely Technology Group, an investor and operator in the field of mobility science and technology ecology, debuted their battery electric flying car– Volo2X at the 2021 Auto Shanghai. The two sides stressed that the cooperation aims to introduce battery electric air mobility solutions to the Chinese market and increase Chinese users' understanding of battery electric flying cars.

Volocopter at Auto Shanghai 

UAM, a new branch of the aviation industry, provides air accessibility to a city and its surrounding area. As the leader of battery electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air mobility technology, Volocopter continues to empower emerging ecosystems and accelerate global urban mobility services. Volocopter's cooperation with Geely Technology Group will lay a foundation for its production and operations in China.

Since Geely announced its strategic investment in Volocopter in 2019, both sides have given full play to their respective technology, resources, market and other advantages, looking for Chinese cities most suitable for introducing battery electric air mobility services.

Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter said, "Geely Technology Group has made a forward-looking global ecological layout of mobility, which is not only an excellent strategic investor, but also a rare partner. China is one of the broadest markets in the field of urban air mobility, and we are willing to work with Geely Technology Group to bring the world's advanced urban air mobility solutions to China."

It is reported that Geely Technology Group and Volocopter are seeking further cooperation to facilitate the production and marketing of Volocopter products in China. Public awareness is one of the key elements in the successful introduction of this new mobility concept. The debut of Volocopter's full-size Volo2X in China will undoubtedly bring a more intuitive experience to Chinese users.

"As a pioneering industry leader, Volocopter is committed to providing safe, sustainable and practical battery point-to-point solutions for urban air mobility around the world. We look forward to working with Volocopter to build an urban air traffic ecosystem in China," Charlie Jing, CEO of AEROFUGIA, a subsidiary of Geely Technology Group said. AEROFUGIA is the main business and technology platform of Geely Technology Group's general aviation sector and also an important partner of Volocopter.

Volocopter's products are known for high safety and very low noise. Volo2X, for example, has nine replaceable batteries that can power 18 rotors. This design greatly improves the redundancy of the operating system, even if one or several batteries or rotors fail at the same time, the flying car can still fly smoothly and land safely. In addition, the small-size rotor blades are an important reason for the low noise of Volocopter's products. When Volo 2X flies 100 meters above ordinary streets, passengers can only hear the buzzer-level sound. Passers-by will not hear the sound of the flying car and therefore will not be disturbed.

Test flight of Volo2X in the Marina Bay, Singapore

In 2019, Volocopter completed its first manned flight test of Volo2X in Marina Bay, Singapore, and demonstrated the compatibility of the flying car with air traffic control and unmanned traffic control systems. Now, the two-seat flying car, which has undergone several test flights around the world, entered the Chinese market for the first time through the cooperation between Volocopter and Geely Technology Group, and is expected to open a new business model of urban air mobility in China.

It is said that Volocopter will launch VoloCity, its latest fifth-generation vehicle, with a top speed of 110 km/h and 35 minutes of flight time (taking into account minimum battery protection and upwind conditions). VoloCity is currently being certified by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

About Volocopter GmbH

Volocopter aims to create the world's first sustainable and scalable urban air traffic service, providing affordable air mobility services to megacities around the world. We are developing the first certified battery electric "vertical takeoff and landing" aircraft based on VoloCity, which is used for safe and quiet passenger transport in cities. Volocopter actively leads and works with partners on infrastructure, operations and air traffic control to build the necessary ecosystems to realize the vision of "urban air mobility becoming a daily activity".

In 2011, Volocopter conducted the first manned flight of a battery electric multi-axis aircraft. A series of public flights followed. The most striking is the public test flight in Singapore's Marina Bay in October 2019 and the world's first autonomous battery electric VTOL test flight in Dubai in 2017. Volocopter also actively develops logistics scenarios with its heavy-duty freight model VoloDrone.

Volocopter was founded in 2011 by Stephan Wolf and Alexander Zosel. It has offices in Bruchsal, Munich and Singapore, with 300 employees. The company has raised a total of 322 million euros from investors including Daimler, Geely, DB Schenker, BlackRock and Intel Capital.

Geely Technology Group is a large industrial group guided by scientific and technological innovation and driven by investment and operation. As an industrial investor and operator in the field of mobility science and technology ecology, Geely Technology Group has built a 6 + X industrial layout, with six core business modules: new lightweight materials for automobiles, battery swapping ecology, energy business, general aviation, commercial aerospace and motorcycle tourism culture, and simultaneously carried out Internet and science and technology business incubation.

At present, Geely Technology Group has invested and operated 32 first-grade enterprises, with assets of 130 billion yuan and an estimated value of 170 billion yuan, and more than 28,000 employees. It has operations in many countries and regions around the world, providing multi-level and high-quality products and services for global business customers and government customers.


AEROFUGIA is a practitioner of Geely Technology Group's general aviation strategy and a key platform for the implementation of Geely Technology Group's general aviation business. As a general aviation solution provider and operator with strong design, manufacturing and service capabilities, AEROFUGIA is well known in the high-tech general aviation sector and boasts brands such as AOSSCI and TERRAFUGIA.

Our mission is to enlighten all things with science and technology, make the work convenient and worry-free, enable seamless transmission of information among entities, and let everyone in the world enjoy the beauty brought by science and technology. We at AEROFUGIA aim to build a smart platform for new general aviation for geographic information, security inspection, air mobility, logistics, and consumer life through continuous business innovation.

AEROFUGIA will continue to serve the world and build a new business model of spatial-temporal data and logistics mobility, to enable flying to create wisdom.